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The Act Of Sharing

"No one cares" the first thing I see as I log into my Insta account! I reply, "If you don't care, don't follow"

Not everyone will resonate, or be drawn to what I offer and I am ok with that, just in the way I won't connect with everyone, that's what makes this life so intriguing. I share to unburden my mind of many thoughts and to let others know that they are not alone.

What relief when someone else speaks the words, that for you have only begun to form on your tongue. To scream with relief that you are normal, your not going crazy ( well not yet hahaha )

I had my first visit with a new Psychologist today and it felt overwhelming and familiar and I have left feeling numb...... She questioned how I managed to go on for so many years without help and how I managed to run a business?

I just did! I didn't feel I had any other choice

When I step into my teaching role I am able to set aside all my cares and worries and focus on all my students and their needs, guiding them into their own bodies and when I'm done everything that's going on in my life comes flooding in.

Our attitude and mindset plays a big role in what we get out of life and what we get from our practice

Just some ramblings I felt I needed to get down and for anyone doing it a little tough, know your not alone in how you feel, people care and I AM HERE

For those wanting to gain insight into mental health, particularly Bipolar, "An unquiet mind " by Kay Redfield Jamison, is an insightful read

In love and light

Ness xx

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