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Surya Namaskar -
Salute to the Sun

***Sun Salutations Workshop***

Surya namaskars  or  ‘sun salutations’ are a core part of vinyasa yoga. We practice them as a means to invigorate the body, facilitate the flow of prana (life force energy) and enter a flow state through breath awareness and other yogic tools of practice. Regular sun salutations practice can boost your fitness, strength and mobility, whilst supporting your nervous system to foster a calm regulated state of being.


**Workshop Details**

This will be a fun and interactive workshop combining a blend of theory and physical practice. You will learn the poses that make up the three sun salutations (A, B and C), providing you with a solid foundation for your at-home practice or to give you insight and confidence to partake in any vinyasa class. You will also learn the sanskrit name for each āsana, be supported in finding correct alignment for each pose, and learn other traditional yogic tools to enhance the benefits of your practice.


All levels of experience are welcome and the workshop is suitable for absolute beginners.


Date: 28th April 

Time: 11am - 12.30pm

Energy Exchange: $40 

No refunds 

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