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Who Are You?

Find me, my inner voice repeats over and over again. Flash backs to 2014 in Byron, sitting in front of my guru asking the question “who are you?” not who you are, mother, wife, friend, colleague “who are you?” I squirmed under his gaze, no words formed in my throat, I don’t know me!

I have always been frightened to be myself, every time I tried to be vulnerable, to be me, I was judged, told to ssshhhh…. I shrunk, conformed, locked myself away. It became so comfortable I’ve been there most of my life.

It feels foreign to me to have one’s attention, to feel seen, be heard. I came here to Bali with the hopes I would find me and find what truly makes me happy, at peace, to help me decide what I should do moving forward in life.

Life is so fleeting and though I believe in reincarnation, I am only guaranteed this life, the only one I may ever remember. I need to start living my truth. I’m still not sure of many things, but I’ve found her and she wants to feel with all her soul, love with all her being and experience joy.

I am raw, I am messy, I love big and feel pain with all of my self. I am honest, trustworthy and care deeply. I will no longer shy away, shut my mouth,

I am Ness

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