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Bandhas, What are they?

Have you ever heard of Bandhas in yoga? Had a yoga teacher say it during class, but had no idea what it meant, let alone explain it to you?

You're not alone!

Let's explore what Bandhas are and how they can enhance your yoga journey.

Bandhas are energy locks that enable the flow and retention of energy ( prana ) within the body.

There are THREE primary Bandhas in yoga

Mula Bandha ( Root Lock ) located at the pelvic floor and helps to generate and direct energy upward. Imagine you are trying to stop a flow of urine and hold in a fart at the same time

Uddiyana Bandha ( Abdominal Lock ) involved drawing the abdomen in and up, activating the core and facilitating a strong breath control.

Jalandhara Bandha ( Throat Lock ) is performed by gently dropping the chin towards the chest, closing off the throat. It helps in controlling the breath and redirecting energy to the upper chakras.

Working with Bandhas exudes a lot of energy and is best practiced in a comfortable seated position and where possible with a trained yoga teacher and it goes without saying, seek advice from your local physician if you have any medical issues

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