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Rising From The Fear

Today is a new day!

A day that we will never get again, so why do we procrastinate, put off, or waste these precious moments?

Do we get too caught up in the hysteria, or paranoia of what might happen? Does the knowing that you have no control of what may happen, scare you?

In these moments, we must trust that we are being taken care of and that it would be a shame to waste even one precious moment of time.

Fear can cause us to respond in an unfavourable way and leave us feeling anxious, tired and depleted of energy and right now, we are living with uncertainty and the FEAR that is being portrayed on all forms of media and in every conversation that we have with family and friends.

And this only FEEDS our fears even more! What we focus on, we give our POWER too and it just continues to grow

How do we STOP it taking over our lives?

Firstly we must acknowledge our behaviour and our responses to it and then and only then, can we begin to change and inevitably GROW. If we have no control over the situation, or the outcome, we must let it go. Our practice shows us that the only thing we truly have control over, is ourselves.

What helps you in times of fear, anxiety?

  • Your breath

  • Yoga

  • Meditation

  • Journaling

  • Nature

  • Family

  • Friends

Take the time to settle into a comfortable position on the floor and be guided back to yourself

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