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Embracing the New ME

I still find myself holding my breath, waiting for something? not wanting to believe that I am stable, balanced


Life is different, less complicated, I am able to EXHALE

At 41 (almost 42) I can finally say, life is good! Yep, occasionally the thought that if only this happened 20 years ago imagine what could have been and I must remind myself that all my experiences, moments, shaped me and allow me to have the most profound relationship with my true self today....

I don't post as much about my flat days, or the days that I still have to drag myself to work ( very few and far between ) because I have realised that when we pay too much attention to the negative, it consumes you and gives it power! So less visits and medication tweaks with my Psychiatrist and I now have more time to do things that make me feel alive.......

I am once again busy learning, this time the art of massage, delving further into Shamanic teachings and exploring how the moon effects my cycle, stay tuned!

Each day I am grateful for the gift of LIFE

If you are on the path out of darkness DON'T give up! Keep trying, you will find your way

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