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You are ENOUGH.......

As a child, I could never except a compliment and come to think of it I rarely received any, as though I was invisible, unseen.

I was however told often of my flaws, I was a snob, I was too thin, I had no boobs and if I smiled more I’d be pretty.

I battled internally with all of these words and believed them.

Whenever it was time for a photo, I’d cringe because I knew they’d show my imperfections and I clearly remember my sister being baffled as to why the pictures turned out so unflattering. I knew why! I believed I was ugly and it shone through.

Even now I have been told that I am too much, that I’m selfish and intimidating

I have battled with self love and self image for soo long and worked so hard to change my thoughts and feelings about myself.

I now know and believe I am beautiful and worthy for all the gifts this life has to offer

You always have the choice to change your story

In gratitude Ness x

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