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Stepping off the Edge

Here I go! I am stepping off the edge, into the unknown and let me tell you I am f***ing scared and excited all at the same time

For way too long I have sat back, feeling that I wasn't smart enough. Constantly beating myself up for what I said or did, thinking I SHOULD be better, do more. Punishing myself for my mistakes, instead of giving myself a break.

I was told recently to learn to have COMPASSION for myself. To be honest I don't even know what that means, or where to start. I have been on a hamster wheel, repeating old patterns, loading myself down with way too many projects, commitments and comparing and judging myself on what everyone else was achieving.

NO MORE ........

I have taken back control and I am being the CHANGE. For those that have been following my journey and for all those that have reached out and supported me, I am forever grateful for YOU.

I see the light and choose to not let ANYTHING get the better of me. I have Bipolar II and Depression, but they do not define me, my worth, or ability to kick ass! I have a plan and a support system in place. I am learning to show myself the same compassion and unconditional love that I show my family, my friends and students.

I am asking for help, and accepting help it all it's forms and learning to step back and slow down.

I am listening to the universal guidance and doing the inner work.

And I want you to know that you are not alone, that it's ok to reach out and ask for help, to want more than just making it through the day.

LIFE can be so much more and I am grateful each and every day that I am here making a difference

If you feel called or know someone that needs these words, please share

In light and gratitude

Ness x

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