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Sleep…..are you getting enough

Did you know that sleep is physically and mentally restorative, in short you need sleep so that your mind and body can function properly

Not getting enough sleep can affect someone's mood and can lead to conditions such as heart disease and high blood pressure

Ways to improve your sleep;

Keep a regular sleep schedule ✔️

Try and aim for 8 hours of sleep a night ✔️

Use your bed for sleep, not screens ✔️

Try not to nap during the day ✔️

Avoid caffeinated drinks after 2pm ✔️

Limit phone use after 8pm ✔️

Exercise regularly ✔️

Meditation ✔️

Unfortunately their is no magic fix and if sleep continues to evade you seek professional help

Below I have included a guided sleep meditation for you to try. Simply play it once your in bed, preferably with headphones/air pods and allow it to unwind your mind and hopefully lead to a better night's sleep

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