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Where's your Drishti?

“As is your understanding, so is the world that you create.”

Our 'Drishti' helps us to observe where our limbs are placed and aid in finding our balance on the mat ( mostly ) :) BUT how often have you found your gaze wandering to the person next to you, to what they are wearing, or how they look and realise that you are no longer present?

Just as our minds follow our eyes on the mat, our lives become very much how we view the world when we’re off it. Our vision, both of ourselves and what we choose to set our sights on, are all 'Drishti'

If your gaze is focused mainly on problems, then that’s what your mind will also settle on. And this can actually be a disadvantage, because although it’s important to be truthful about things that need fixing, focusing on them solely can make it difficult to change them.

And how do we change if we don't have the tools yet? Just being mindful that change can happen, is enough to start with.

So why not start now! Pause, take a few deep breaths and focus on what is really important to YOU

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