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Myths of Yoga

After yet another call about yoga and the misconceptions, it got me wondering, if more people would at least try yoga, if they knew what it was! I clearly remember one such occasion, where a student assumed that I sat in lotus, drinking chai and meditating, when I wasn't teaching a class, I had to stifle a giggle :)

  1. You need to be flexible - did you know I failed PE for my inflexibility. Flexibiltiy comes with time and practice

  2. It's only for women - Yoga is believed to have early roots in the Brahmins, highly knowledgeable and wise priests of the Indian caste system often referred to as “men of learning”. Primarily, Brahmins were men. The yoga sutras, written by Patanjali, are considered to be the first written representations of yoga.

  3. I'm too old - yoga is for everyone. I have taught from as young as 4, all the way to 78.

  4. It's not physically challenging - the pure joy of yoga is that you can make it as challenging as you like. There is always something new to learn through asana ( poses ) and sequencing and I tend to be known to offer a strong practice.

  5. You must be spiritual - People are drawn to the practice for many reasons and not always the spiritual, ( for me, it was my mental health ) but I have observed, that over time, what drew you to the practice evolves.

  6. Yoga is not enough to stay fit and healthy - For years I went to the gym believing that I had to push myself ( no pain no gain era ) absolutely dreading every moment, not anymore! These days I practice yoga and walk, no more. I believe you have to find and do what you love.

  7. I have no time - Yes, practicing at least twice a week for an hour will have greater benefits, than say once a week, but anytime is better than nothing. Jumping on your mat and practicing three rounds of sun salutations, or sitting in contemplation for ten minutes will greatly benefit your wellbeing.

  8. It's too expensive - let me ask you, "how much value do you place on your health?" "do you think twice before spending a night out with friends, or getting a manicure, or eye lashes done?"

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