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Changing Seasons

As the world becomes quieter, cooler and darker, so do we. Do you feel the gentle pull to go within? The desire to eat warm, wholesome food, to shut the curtains and hibernate?

Autumn is the time to look inward and honour the need to be still and notice any internal shifts. Our practice teaches us to be present and to embrace the here and now.

In Chinese medicine (TCM ) Autumn is the season to nourish our lung chi. The lungs include the organ of the skin and are paired with the large intestine ( colon ) This energy is all about taking in what we need and letting go of what we don't. The lung chi is responsible for a healthy immune system, which is well worth considering in our Yin yoga, this time of year.

Tips to stay active in the cooler months;

Schedule your yoga practice weekly/fortnightly and DON'T cancel

Wake up at the same time every day

Stay hydrated ( even if you don't feel thirsty )

Nourish your body with fresh fruit and veg and be mindful of how often you are eating

carbohydrates ( pasta, bread, potatoes )

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