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The Three Rhythms

It is said the body is made up of three rhythms; our thoughts, our heartbeat and our breath, in other words mind, body and spirit.

And to connect all three, we need only to focus on one.

I believe that this kind of conscious awareness, is one of the ultimate tools for relieving stress, anxiety and sadness. Presence offers expansion and divine connection. Through this practice we are taken inward to the life living within us and to the realisation that this is where great strength is found.

When I started yoga - I was not flexible, or fit. My mind was racing with self judgment.

Then one day I settled in a pose and I found my breath. My body softened and my mind slowed. I felt my enite being ebb and flow. Like the ocean. I slowly melted and all at once realised there was more.

That I was limiting myself to living solely from the mind and ego. I hadn't known any different.

And this lesson didn't come from anyone else. No one taught or forced me. I discovered it all on my own. Simply by making the choice to prioritise my self.

Of course this feeling of enlightenment came and went as I returned to my life. I had glimpsed the gold within and in that moment realised the old way I was living wouldn't satisfy me anymore.

This began my growth. Which was much more an unbecoming. A returning home, to truth.

Deepening and sharing my wisdom of Yoga by becoming a teacher, is something I am extremely proud of and grateful for.

I hope to meet you on your mat soon.

Franki x

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